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The Corner Laughers Make MAGNET A Mix Tape


California pop quartet the Corner Laughers play a jangly brand of indie pop and will release latest album Matilda Effect on June 12. The LP features unique string instruments, such as the ukelele and the violin, which brings out the creativity of the band and the many guests featured on the album. The Corner Laughers have been so kind as to make MAGNET a mix tape (in haiku form, no less).

Linda Draper “Broken Eggshell”
On endless repeat/
This song is pure perfection/
We wish we wrote it

Andrea Perry “Throw Me A Line”
Incredible groove/
Heartache pours through melody/
But still I boogie

Mouse Deer “Foreground”
Mouse Deer is Holly/
McIntosh, Bristol, UK/
And she plays bass well

Heart “Crazy On You”
Was young when I learned/
Badassness knows no gender/
Female Led Zeppelin

Rosie Abbott “Hard To Sleep”
Somnambulist waltz/
Gershwinesque sense of songcraft/
Ray Davies digs it

Antonette Goroch “In Bocca Al Lupo”
Punk-folk-rock priestess/
Often she’s in Italy/
Take us next time, please

Alison Faith Levy “The Froggy Dance”
Loud Fam to tot rock/
The Start Of Things is out now/
Butterfly mic stands

Salt N Pepa “Push It”
Ever since eighth grade/
It ain’t a dance ’til it’s played/
Cause we’re in effect

Fiona Bevan “A Broken Heart Can Heal”
Suffolk-born songbird/
We played with her in London/
Magical guitar

The Orange Peels “Head Cleaner”
Begin The Begone/
New album from labelmates/
Mystery Lawn, yo!

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This Way To The EGRESS Makes MAGNET A Mix Tape


Bethlehem, Pa., group This Way To The EGRESS has been described as “gypsy jazz,” as it incorporates European musical styles to form a unique sound. The band will release a new album, Great Balancing Act, on May 19, an LP featuring a variety of diverse instruments including fiddle, trombone and accordion. Now, the group has been so kind as to make MAGNET a mix tape. Check it out below.

DeVotchKa “We’re Leaving”
DeVotchKa makes the best road-trip music. It is no surprise they were chosen for the Little Miss Sunshine soundtrack. All of the songs on this album, this one particularly, are driving. It drives you forward while pulling at your last heart strings. We make it a point to put it on in the band van whenever we leave a city on tour that we wish we weren’t leaving. It is the audio equivalent to life experience and wandering. Aside from the fact that the music is impeccably arranged, the lyrics strike the most perfect chord for us and would for anyone who felt they needed to leave a time or place or that their hometown had become too small. Video

Foxy Shazam “The Rocketeer”
Taylor: I love the unique writing style of this band! They have such interesting song subjects and lyrical content. They also put on a highly energetic live show! Video

Spike Jones And His City Slickers “Clink Clink Another Drink”
Sarah: Spike Jones has to be one of the band’s biggest influences and favorite listening music while on the road. The musicianship is amazing, and the songs are hysterical. I seriously think it is impossible to not utterly enjoy whatever you are doing while you are listening to Spike Jones. To this day, there is no one doing this. Video

Violent Femmes “Look Like That”
Taylor: One of my favorite all-time bands. This is the third track off their fifth studio album. The Femmes have been going strong for more than 30 years. They have the most loyal fan base I’ve ever seen, which is pretty amazing since they never really had any number-one hits. Great live band as well. I’ve seen them as minimal as a three piece and as big as a 13 piece. They’re amazing!!! Video

Beck “Missing”
Sarah: I fell in love with Beck when I was 13. My favorite album of his is probably Midnight Vultures, but this song has the most amazing groove and I love the strings. He is another enigma and amazing songwriter. He strikes a perfect balance between bizarre and pop culture and has left his mark on music while completely doing it his way. I admire that as a music listener and a musician. Video

Ween “Roses Are Free”
Taylor: Another one of my all-time favorite bands! This track is off their album entitled Chocolate And Cheese. Ween has always been such a unique band with a huge following. Every album, they free themselves to explore different genres and styles. They even recorded a full-on country album! Video

Buena Vista Social Club “Chan Chan”
Sarah: This is one of my favorite driving songs. I am just a sucker for Latin American music. It makes anything doing more fun to do, house chores, dancing in my kitchen, going for a jog and, especially, driving. Video

Tom Waits “2:19
Taylor: Tom Waits has been a huge influence on me for the last few years and, overall, an influence on everyone in the band. Another genius that spans more than four decades of constant, evolving music. He’s also influenced many other great and successful artists over the years. Tom Waits’ lyrics stand alone, and when added with his sound and voice, you can’t go wrong! Video

Yula Beeri (Yula & The eXtended family & Kiss Slash Crooked Smile) “Keep Me Satisfied”
Sarah: I originally couldn’t choose between the Beatles and Michael Jackson for this my choice but I said to myself, “Everyone knows the lasting power of that music.” I am going to choose a song that some people might not know about. Yula Beeri is probably one of the best songwriters, musicians and stage performers I have ever met. She commands something from the audience and the listeners that is indescribable. Video

Slayer “Angel Of Death”
Taylor: A bit of a change in genres on this one! I always listened to so many different kinds of music, and Slayer was a group I was really into when I was younger. Intense thrash metal and intense shows! The mosh pits were crazy to be in the middle of! This song was written by the late Jeff Hanneman, one of the epic guitarists of Slayer. Video

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Josh Gilligan Makes MAGNET A Mix Tape


Nashville-based singer/songwriter Josh Gilligan readies for the release of his debut full-length, Steady On, which exemplifies his talent and simplistic style of easy-listening country. Gilligan grew up in a musical home and listened to mostly oldies, and it can definitely be heard in his sound. Now he has been so kind as to make MAGNET a mix tape. Check it out below.

America “Ventura Highway”
When asked what my favorite song is, this one almost always comes out in the short list. It’s the first song that really made me want to learn guitar. It’s one of the first songs that I memorized the lyrics to. My family vacationed in East Tennessee every summer, and this was on the vacation playlist every year. It’s always been a favorite. Video

Wilco “You & I”
This is one song I could probably listen to 50 times in a row. It’s just enough. Never too much. Driving music, background party music, wedding music, it’s just one of those songs. Love it. Video

José González “What Will”
To get a little more current: This is one of my favorite cuts off of his latest. Overall, it’s such a patient volume of work. Both the music and the lyrics weave smoothly between complexity and simplicity, and nothing ever feels overstated. I would’ve enjoyed this record 10 years ago, and I’m sure I’ll probably enjoy it 10 years from now. Just great stuff. Video

Laura Marling “I Was An Eagle”
Beyond the emotional impact it brings when I hear it, this song really changed a lot for me. As a listener and as a creator, this song (and the record it’s on) made me crave new things from music. It effortlessly reaffirms the beauty of musical simplicity, and the lyrics are so strong you feel as if you’ve lived each situation she sings. Note: You can’t listen to this song without listening to the following track, “You Know.” Just let it play… :) Video

Dawes “Moon In The Water”
There’s a lot of sad love songs. This one sits on the top of the pile for me. Video

The Staves “Blood I Bled”
The Staves just put out a new record. I saw them open for Justin Vernon in 2011, and it was gorgeous. It’s just hard to beat family members harmonizing together. I’ve loved their music ever since. The new record is wonderful, and this song is a masterpiece. It’s my number one played song right now. Video

The Real Efforts Of Real People “Ink & Tight Jeans”
Like some of the earlier tracks, this is another longstanding favorite. But, I’ve never really heard anything about the band since this release. I came across the Real Efforts’ music online when I was in high school, and the songs just stood out to me right away. After years of wearing this one EP out, I emailed the band through an old BandCamp link to extend my thanks. A swift reply let me know that it was one guy who had made the tracks from his house and never really put too much stock into the project. Slightly disappointing, but even more so it was a cool experience—music is so powerful, and you never know who your songs will find and what they’ll mean to that person. Video

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Beth Bombara Makes MAGNET A Mix Tape


Americana singer/songwriter Beth Bombara‘s story began as many musician’s did, with punk. She was in a punk band with some high-school friends and was given time to explore music. After finding her place in music, playing soothing Americana for the masses, she now she readies for the release of her self-titled album, due out June 23. Bombara has been so kind as to make MAGNET a mix tape, so check it out below!

Smith And Weeden “Aim To Please”
I heard these guys for the first time at one of our shows in Nashville last fall, and I was immediately blown away. The chorus is such an anthem: “Don’t you try to speak to them of anything/They only aim to please.” Bonus points for putting on a raucous live show while also being super-friendly dudes. Audio

Bill Withers “Use Me”
I keep wanting to do a cover of this tune, but I’m going to wait until I figure out how to do it justice. What a sweet jam. Video

Big Star “Thirteen”
Remember when the world was still big and exciting, and falling in love was some new revelation? This song takes me back there. Video

Sturgil Simpson “Turtles All The Way Down”
My friend Jacob introduced me to this record during a tour last year. Jacob and I don’t always see eye to eye on music, but we can agree that Sturgill Simpson’s got some kinda magic that I hope to catch from him. Video

Karl Kling “Forward Thinker”
Karl Kling’s whole record is already a classic for me even though it just came out this month (a lot of people know him from his other project: RAC). This tune is comfortable leaving questions hanging in the air. So good. Audio

Mates Of State “Get Better”
I have such a soft spot for Mates Of State; they were an important part of my soundtrack as a young musician. I remember seeing them in a small dive bar where I grew up in Michigan, and having the best time. I felt inspired to be myself and do my own thing. Video

Spoon “Don’t You Evah”
I just found out recently that this is a cover song … Crazy cause this is one of my favorite Spoon jams. Both Spoon’s version and the original, by the Natural Selection, are cool in their own right. Spoon video / Natural Selection video

Dr. Dog “Lonesome”
“What does it take to be lonesome? Nothing at all” This tune is somehow whimsical and dark all at the same time. That’s a tough line to walk. Video

The Velvet Underground “Sunday Morning”
Can anyone other than Lou Reed make a song so beautiful and peaceful and sad? Video

Laura Veirs “The Sun Song”
Every time I hear this song, it feels like waking up out of a stupor and throwing the windows open on the first day of spring. Video

The Kinks “Mountain Woman”
Ahh, the Kinks. Don’t know if any other British band could make sense of a “rural America” concept album like Muswell Hillbillies, but it’s one of my favorite Kinks records. This tune has a great old Southern rock vibe, and the vocals are spot on. Video

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The North Country Makes MAGNET A Mix Tape


The North Country is a melodic indie-folk sextet from D.C. that will release latest album There Is Nothing To Fear on April 20. The band has a special way with melodic hooks, and its music clearly comes from the heart. These guys show strength in songwriting but are most notable for their fantastic musicianship. Now, they have been so kind as to make MAGNET a mix tape. Check it out below.

Luke Temple “Hard Working Hand”
Luke Temple is one of the most underrated artists today. He fronted Here We Go Magic and is now doing mostly solo stuff. I’ve seen him a bunch of times and it’s always different and always incredible. This song is the first cut off his album Good Mood Fool, which a dear friend introduced to me as, “the album the ’80s wished it had made.” Video

Kraftwerk “Vitamin”
One of the things I love about Kraftwerk is how minimal its lyrics are. This song is off the 2003 soundtrack for the Tour de France, and the lyrics are literally just a list of vitamins and bodily chemicals associated with strenuous cardiovascular activity. Seriously, though, what else do you need? Video

Panda Bear “Mr Noah”
This whole album is so amazing. It pushes the envelope so much in terms of sonic textures while still staying rooted in good songwriting. Video

R.E.M. “Welcome To The Occupation”
I recently discovered early R.E.M. and fell in love with Document. This is one of my favorite songs off that album. Video

Stronger Sex “Temptation”
D.C. is a hotbed of some really fantastic music right now, and Stronger Sex is a testament to that. Music today is rarely this fearless or seemingly devoid of any sort of self-awareness, and the result is deeply compelling and thoroughly inventive music. I’m lucky enough to be able to call these lunatics my friends and can easily say they are a regular source of inspiration for me as a writer and performer. Audio

Philip Selway “Coming Up For Air”
Radiohead’s drummer comes from behind and makes a really great solo record. Video

Leonard Cohen “Everybody Knows”
The ’80s production doesn’t age well, but the lyrics are timeless. Video

Brian Eno “Deep Blue Day”
This song was a gateway for me into a whole new world of sonic possibilities. I don’t know anyone who can pull off space-country as well as Brian Eno. Video

Steve Reich (Performed By Jonny Greenwood) “Electric Counterpoint III: Fast”
When most take time off from a band as big as Radiohead, they relax and don’t work so hard. What I love about Jonny Greenwood is during his brief hiatus with the band, he’s busy with many projects, one of them being recording looped guitar versions of classic pieces by minimalist composer Steve Reich. Video

Velvet Underground “Pale Blue Eyes”
I first heard this song on the soundtrack for The Diving Bell And The Butterfly. I’ve been in love with it ever since. Video

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Drift Lifted Makes MAGNET A Mix Tape


Drift Lifted plays a heavy brand of bluesy psychedelic rock and soon readies for the release of its debut album this year. The psychedelic aspect of the band brings to mind artists like Sabbath, and the shredding riffs and solos call back to giants like Hendrix, but you can tell Drift Lifted has its own thing going on. The group has been so kind as to make MAGNET a mix tape. Check it out below.

The Roots “I Can’t Write Left Handed”
This one is Cody’s favorite song, and he loves this cover. It reminds him that his problems aren’t as bad as others, and he loves driving around while listening to is. It is on repeat. Video

The Damnation Of Adam Blessing “Morning Dew”
Austin loves the powerful vocals of the track; it is very spiritual for him. The dynamics of the song really add to the powerful vocals as well. Video

Bob Dylan “Song To Woody”
Spencer has always loved Bob Dylan. He started playing guitar when he was 10 because he wanted to write a song for Bob Dylan and have him hear it someday. Without this song, he never would have picked up a guitar. Video

Led Zeppelin “Bron-Yr-Aur”
This song changed Joe’s life forever because when he was 14 and was just learning to play guitar, his dad said, “If you can play that song, you can play anything … if you learn it, I’ll buy you a guitar.” Joe learned it note for note in one day. His dad was so shocked he went out the next day and bought him a guitar. Every time he hears this song, it puts him in a trance. Video

The Foundations “Build Me Up Buttercup”
Dave grew up listening to this song. There is a special place in his heart for it. He loves the vocals on it; “They get nasty.” Video

The Jimi Hendrix Experience “1983… (A Merman I Should Turn To Be)”
This Hendrix tune is more than a song to us; it’s a musical journey full of experimentation that shows his vast talent. This song takes you in so many directions and changes. It is brilliant. Video

The Doors “When The Music’s Over”
We love the Doors. When we drive to a show, we usually all jam this song and scream it at the top of our lungs. The dark sense of the music really vibes with us as well. Video

Son House “Grinnin’ In Your Face”
This is the blues. No instruments; just a man clapping his hands and singing his heart out. Video

The 13th Floor Elevators “You’re Gonna Miss Me”
We love psychedelic music from the ’60s, and this happens to be our favorite as a collective. The “amplified jug” really gets to us. Nobody does that. Video

The Beatles “Helter Skelter”
When we want to rock out, we throw on “Helter Skelter.” For the Beatles, it was really heavy for them, and you get to hear Paul rip into his vocals. Video

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Cariad Harmon Makes MAGNET A Mix Tape


NYC-based singer/songwriter Cariad Harmon released her self-titled sophomore album last year to much praise. The record touches on personal aspects, such as hope, loneliness, the human condition and relationships. Her songwriting is impressive and captivating to say the least, and now she has been so kind as to make MAGNET a mix tape. Check it out below.

Willie Nelson “Funny How Time Slips Away”
Willie Nelson, I mean come on! This song is perfect. I love how conversational the lyrics are; it puts me in the room with the protaganist and his ex-lover. It starts so sweet and there’s such a nostalgia to it, and then the second verse slays me. It’s an F.U. to this woman, wrapped up in a beautiful bow. I have a wonderful guitar teacher who showed me this video during a lesson, and I love it because it’s just Willie alone, doing his thing and everyone in the room is transfixed. They all just look like they can’t believe it. A true master at work. Video

Ry Cooder “Billy The Kid”
My dad used to listen to the album Into The Purple Valley on repeat in our car when I was a kid, and I still love all of it. I’ve only recently started revisiting Ry Cooder as an adult, and I keep coming back to this LP. This song in particular stuck with me forever; it’s folk in the truest sense, simple changes as a vehicle for the telling of a story. Of course, it’s Ry Cooder, so the playing is complex and wonderful. As a little girl in England, it conjored up this fantastic image of the Wild West, and I wanted to marry myself an outlaw. It still reminds me of car journeys through rainy wet London Town, dreaming of the desert. As a guitar-playing and songwriting adult, I am amazed at how easy he makes it all sound—and he just keeps creating. What a gift he is. Video

Parker Milsap “Truck Stop Gospel”
I saw Parker open for Patty Griffin at Music Hall of Williamsburg a few months ago and I just fell in love with his music. I love the character portrait in this song and the point of view. It’s another tune that paints a picture by having a direct conversation with the listener. I love that device, and it’s just so well done here. This guy is going places, and he’s only 21! God damn him! Video

Margaret Glaspy “Best Behavior”
My friend and guitar player Jon Paul introduced me to Margaret’s music about a year ago, and I fell in love! This was the first song I heard, and it’s still my favorite. Her lyrics and point of view are interesting and smart and her whole vibe is so unique. I love what she does and she’s just about to go into the studio to record. I can’t wait to hear what happens next. Video

Randy Newman “Losing You”
I love me some Randy Newman. The first time I discovered him, I was in school and someone played a version of “Short People” that instantly had me in stitches. In the serious and competitive music-school environment, it was this unexpected moment of hilarity; I was hooked. I so admire the humor in so much of his work, and it’s had a huge influence on me, understanding that you can break hearts and make people laugh at the same time. This song is just pure heartbreak, I love hearing songwriters talk about their inspiration and knowing the story behind this one makes it all the more poignant. What a beautiful piece of work. Video

Emily King “Distance”
Emily is another New York-based songstress who I admire and adore. She can sing like it’s nobody’s business, she writes a great song, and her band is killing! I dare you not to love her. Video

Otis Redding “Look At That Girl”
This was a song that for some reason I hadn’t heard until recently. I love discovering classic music that’s new to me; I feel like I’ve just found a new room in a house I’ve lived in for years but didn’t know was there. It always makes me imagine how I’d feel if I ran across someone like Otis Redding as a new artist today and how exciting it must have been to be a part of the explosion of this kind of music and talent. I love the simplicity of the lyrics; there’s nothing convoluted about any of it, and the conviction and delivery is absolute. He’s giving us everything, and you can hear it in his voice. Yay for humans; we do so many terrible things to each other, but some people are born and open their mouths and make music that sounds like this. Video

Paul Simon “Something So Right”
Paul Simon just astounds me. His lyrics are like watching a movie, they’re so rich with imagery. And the way he puts everything together is always so slick and smart. My experience of one song could be so different to yours because I’m painting such a specific and personal visual picture in my head from his cues, and I love that about him. Every time I hear “Graceland” or “Still Crazy After All These Years,” I’m just amazed that it all came out of one person. This one makes me cry, almost every time. I love Paul Simon and I want to marry him, and I don’t care who knows it. Video

Cyndi Lauper “When You Were Mine”
Cyndi Lauper is just one of my favorite vocalists and performers. The woman has an unbelievable voice; she seems so unafraid and irreverent to me. I just love that about her. I had to add this tune because I love everything about this performance and this Prince cover is phenominal. Video

Peter Gabriel “Sledghammer”
As this is a playlist of videos, I had to add the first music video I remember loving to see as well as hear. I can remember watching this in the house I grew up in over and over and over again. I haven’t sat down and listened to this song in a long time but I thought of the video for this mix tape and hearing it caused me to go to iTunes to download the album. I’m checking the whole thing out tomorrow, and I’m putting this perfect pop song on repeat. Video

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Moonbabies Makes MAGNET A Mix Tape


Sweden’s Moonbabies are back after a seven-year hiatus and are finally getting the attention they deserve. They plan to release double single “Chorus”/”Raindrops” this year. Their music is soft, light and sounds similar to Fleetwood Mac but with a new and different modern edge. Now they have been so kind as to make MAGNET a mix tape. Check it out below.

TV On The Radio “Mr Grieves”
Kicking off with one of the greatest bands of our time covering one of the greatest of past times. Acapella. Seldom heard a cover done better … or do you have another opinion? Video

Baths “Disorderly”
This is great for waking up senses or cleaning up your head. Headnumb. Video

Wire “Outdoor Minor”
Yes, Wire. They’ve created many fantastic albums, and, of course, they created “Outdoor Minor”! One of the greatest pop songs from an era where all studio productions sounded just fantastic. 1978! Listen to the dryness and weep. Video

Caribou “Can’t Do Without You”
We loved his psychedelic phase, but adore the path he’s taken with the last two LPs. The electronic journey of a naive and playful genius. Video

Kate Bush “Suspended In Gaffa”
If we had to choose one of Kate’s tracks, this is the one. Come on, she’s just fantastic. Video

Beach Boys “Don’t Talk”
I mean, come on, no other than Brian Wilson could come up with those chord progressions. This outtake session is a gem for anyone loving Pet Sounds; skip the intro and start at the 3:00 mark. Video

Modeselektor “Deboutonner”
Berlin! Endless dancing! These guys and Apparat also goes under the moniker Moderat. Video

Daft Punk “Television Rules The Nation”
Television, Hallucination. Video

Lindsey Buckingham “Go Insane”
Amazingly great ’80s single, which in 1984 was a commercial failure. Surprisingly, three years later he took basically the same chord patterns and kept the same production style, and released Fleetwood Mac’s Tango In The Night. Seriously, hearing this back to back to “Big Love,” etc., makes no doubt who was the brainchild behind that album. Video

Barbara Morgenstern “Das Wort”
What a great way to end a mix tape. Nighty night. After witnessing a live concert in Stockholm in the winter of 2001, where Barbara performed her set in the most mesmerizing fashion, she has been one of our favourites. She sings in German, and just like Brian Wilson, has very personal chord progressions and melodies unlike no other. Video

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September Girls Make MAGNET A Mix Tape


Dublin quintet September Girls play a fuzzed-out brand of shoegaze-y garage rock. It’s a unique blend of genres and works quite well together. Their music oozes with catchy harmonies and noisy goodness, and now they have agreed to make MAGNET a mix tape. Check it out below.

Lower Dens “Brains”
Sarah: This song kills me in the best possible way; it’s genius. I don’t think I will ever tire of it. Every time I hear it, it takes over me and I get lost in it. Although it’s quite a recent song (2012), it’s nostalgic for me. When it was released, I was figuring out some life stuff, and with this song I could just close my eyes and escape. I love how it builds and builds, drums, then guitars, then an open hi-hat, some organ, then Jana’s voice. At about 1:40, the music strips back and the song starts to build up again through some amazing layered vocals. It’s sort of mysterious—it’s perfect. Video

George Harrison “My Sweet Lord”
Caoimhe: This is probably the most uplifting song of all time by my favourite Beatle. It’s so simple, and I love the opening, the jangly layered guitars and then the solo bit. George’s guitar lines are so distinctive and melodic. He was sued by the Chiffons because the vocal in the chorus is similar to their song “He’s So Fine,” but his wife Patti Boyd said he didn’t even have a radio during that time. Video

Françoise Hardy “Tous Les Garcons”
Caoimhe: Françoise Hardy’s vocal delivery is always so cool. I love the crazy nursery-rhyme-style music in this song. It’s a song about being lonely as a teenager—seeing everyone else your age in love when you’re not. Video

Shellac “Prayer To God”
Paula: Just an unbelievably powerful song. Heavy of music and tone, I think it would be hard not to feel something listening to this. The lyrics detail how the protagonist would like God to treat his ex-girlfriend and her new boyfriend. “Her, she can go quietly, by disease or a blow”/”Him, just fucking kill him, I don’t care if it hurts.” There’s an element of cowardice and helplessness to the lyrics as well, almost as if the singer would do these things himself if he could. Instead, he pleads with God to do his work for him. Video

Almighty Defenders “Cone Of Light”
Paula: Almighty Defenders are a supergroup of sorts, consisting of the members of Black Lips, King Khan & Mark Sultan (a.k.a. BBQ).The first time I heard this, I thought it was an old Sam Cooke song I hadn’t heard before. The album the song is taken from came about when Black Lips got chucked out of India whilst on tour as a result of some high jinks. They fled to Berlin, hung out with King Khan & BBQ and recorded this amazing album. Video

Mac DeMarco “Passing Out Pieces”
Jessie: This song has got this crazy harpsichord synth, a super chilled-out bass line and shimmery guitar. It reminds me of a long-lost George Harrison tune. I first heard this song over the Summer, and it’s got this really sunny feel. Plus it has a long fade out, which no songs seem to do anymore. This is me and Jasper (my one-year-old)’s jam. We put Salad Days on the record player, turn it up really loud and have a dance around the living room. Video

The Smiths “Heaven Knows I’m Miserable Now”
Jessie: I could listen to this song all day, every day. Johnny Marr’s amazing jangly guitar and Morrissey moaning about first world problems. The song also reminds me of being 20, happy in the haze of a drunken hour being driven home to Brooklyn after giving myself a massive sunburn at the Jersey Shore. I was certainly miserable the next morning. Glorious. Video

Gloria Jones “Tainted Love”
Jessie: I seriously question anyone who doesn’t dance when this song comes on. For a song that’s about a seriously bad relationship, it’s incredibly uplifting and joyful. Gloria Jones’ incredible voice spars just perfectly with the driving rhythm guitar, hand claps and intense horn section. Video

The Cars “You Might Think”
Lauren: I love the Cars. To me they’re pop perfection, and “You Might Think” is a shining example—a three-minute smile. Plus, the image of Ric Ocasek as a fly for some reason has stuck with me since childhood … no idea why. Video

Weezer “Island In The Sun”
Lauren: Weezer are one of my favorite bands, and when they put this one out, I went apeshit for the song and video—I mean, bear cub. Lion cubs. Orange kitten. Baby giraffe. ‘Nuff said. My boyfriend at the time bought the CD single for me as a cute gift so I’d have the video, but it turned out to have the alternate video at the Mexican wedding on it. Poor fella was crestfallen. Video

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Fiancé Makes MAGNET A Mix Tape


Experimental pop quartet Fiancé started in the small town of Newark, Del., among close longtime friends who just wanted to make music. There were no definite plans, but what came out was indie-rock gold. The five tracks on their debut, EP 1, were written over the course of last summer and fall, and the band succeeded in making a name for itself in its local music scene. Now, the band has been so kind as to make MAGNET a mix tape. Check it out below.

George Harrison “Ballad Of Sir Frankie Crisp (Let It Roll)
Tyler: Continuing a musical career after being in a band as prolific as the Beatles could not have been an easy task. George Harrison’s first solo LP, All Things Must Pass, is one of the most important albums to me on many levels. Song by song, he proves himself as an independent entity, especially on this track. All of Harrison’s lead tracks are ducked in the background, soaked in reverb, and the rest of the song is driven by an “eyes-closed-slow-head-bang-rhythm.” I love how the piano drives on one chord only to quickly resolve and repeat the melody in a very addicting manner. Video

American Football Honestly?
Andrew: This whole album is perfect to me. And it is also the best autumn-y album ever.This song has so much going on emotionally for me, especially at the end portion with the droning guitars and constant melody. It’d be hard for me to explain why the songs on this album mean so much to me so I won’t try. Video

The Cure Close To Me
Octie: This is my favorite production on any song. And I shouldn’t even say this because I play drums, and this is all a drum machine. It’s so minimal but so full. When the horn lines come in, they are perfect. The little trumpet solo gives me chills. Video

Liars Mess On A Mission
Tyler: One of the most impressive things to me is art that is genuinely dark and makes me feel uneasy. It is not like you can pick up a guitar or synthesizer and start playing a bunch of minor chords and get the same effect. Liars have covered a lot of territory, but I love the dancy-industrial vibe of their new album, MessVideo

ILOVEMAKONNEN Featuring Drake Tuesday
Andrew: I have a tendency to obsess over random songs, and this one has been on repeat. I think I made the band listen to it over and over for an hour the other night after practice. For some reason, it quells my anxiety. Beyond that, it is really a perfect tune, bound to be a classic. Video

Descendents Myage
Octie: I love playing in my band. But there’s not a day that goes by that I don’t wish I was in the Descendents. It would be too much fun to play in this band. Video

Weezer Across The Sea
Andrew: Weezer is my favorite band. I keep going back to this song lately because of how open Rivers is lyrically. You can tell he means what he wrote. Weezer has a lot of songs that maybe weren’t so sincere, and you can tell. I’m trying to get to the point of being more comfortable being sincere and honest when it comes to lyrics, so this album is always inspiring to me. Video

GOAT Det Som Aldrig Förändras/Diarabi
Tyler: I caught a live set from GOAT this year and it was one of the most wild musical experiences I’ve ever witnessed. Driving, primitive and original, this group was only missing a live-animal sacrifice to make it look and feel like a beautifully constructed bad acid trip. This band is helping to take psychedelic music in new direction. Video

The War On Drugs Red Eyes
Tyler: As a musician who grew up obsessing over prog and math rock, one of the most interesting learning curves I have run into is learning when to hold back. I feel that this song completely embodies the idea of playing when necessary and allowing a band as a whole to develop a song together. Every instrument helps to push this perfectly constructed melody forward, creating a very human experience. Not to mention that these guys are from Philadelphia, and it makes me proud to know such great music is being written so close to where I live. Video

Screamin’ Jay Hawkins I Put A Spell On You
Octie: It was just Halloween, so I had to pick this one. First time I heard this song was in the movie Hocus Pocus, and Bette Midler was singing it. I probably didn’t hear this version until a few years ago. Screamin’ Jay is off his rocker. The rest of this album is fucking crazy. Video

Röyksopp Remind Me
Andrew: My girlfriend showed me this song one morning driving me to work. It was on a commercial a while back I think, too. I’ve had it on repeat a lot, and it makes me think of her whenever I hear it. Video

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