Best Of 2014: Noise


MAGNET’s Raymond Cummings picks the best noise releases of the year

1 Yellow Tears Golden Showers May Bring Flowers (Septic World International)
2 Bloodeath Bloodeath (Totally Gross National Product)
3 Philip White Documents (Infrequent Seams)
4 Zaimph & Yek Koo L’intérieur de la Vue (Obsolete Units)
5 Pharmakustik + Tanner Garza Pleuraraum (Jehu & Chinaman)
6 Diaphragmatic Fear Biters (Alien Passengers)
7 Good Area Pronunciation (Hanson)
8 Bob Bellerue Cure The Antidote (Los Discos Enfantasmes)
9 White Suns Totem (The Flenser)
10 Barrier Of Broken Leaves Spite (Turmeric Magnitudes)

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