From The Desk Of OK Go’s Damian Kulash: David Foster Wallace’s “Authority And American Usage”

OKGoThis past winter was an eventful time for OK Go, between the release of third album Of The Blue Colour Of The Sky, disputes with EMI over its YouTube videos and an eventual split with the label and the creation of Paradacute Records. But even after all the dust settled, the music is still stuck in our heads—because OK Go definitely still has it. Of The Blue Colour Of The Sky brings us little nuggets of unbridled optimism set to catchy pop beats with Damian Kulash’s funky falsetto soaring overhead—and, in typical OK Go fashion, some of the most awesome videos ever made. OK Go is taking time between dates on its worldwide tour supporting the LP in order to guest edit all week. Read our Q&A with Kulash.


Kulash: You know that moment in a pinball game that is the whole reason for playing in the first place, when the ball goes into an impossible sequence of hitting all the targets and whipping around all the ramps and slamming into all the little corners that seem designed to be unreachable? David Foster Wallace’s “Authority And American Usage” is sort of the intellectual equivalent. It could be called “DFW Explains Everything in Only 62 Pages.” He strings together insights into the nature of good citizenship, the power of dogma, the balance between tradition and egalitarianism, the rat’s nest of identity politics and their effect on pedagogy, developmental psychology, the fatal flaws in the tactics of the U.S. left, modern relativism, why legal and academic writing are so offensive and how language and writing fundamentally work. And for good measure, he also gives you some amusing bits of his personal history and lays out a thoroughly compelling stance on abortion.

Most incredibly, the piece is ostensibly a review of a nerdy reference book, a grammar and language usage guide, and this whole slew of revelations tumbles from his chronicling of an ongoing battle in the geeky world of lexicographers, which is his virtuosic and sort of perverse way of underscoring the point I found most resonant: Writing is always about the writer, as well as whatever they’re trying to say. “Every sentence balances at lease two different communicative functions—one the transmission of raw info, the other the transmission of certain stuff about the speaker,” he says, and while skewering the awful writing of academic heavyweights like Frederic Jameson, speaks of “language as a vector of meaning and language as a vector of the writer’s own resume.” Bad writing, he explains, is when these two data streams are out of balance. Either the writer’s attempts to convince you of something about himself obscure or obliterate the raw info (We got it, Jameson, you’re smart. But what the fuck are you trying to say?) or the writer tries to remove himself entirely, producing tortured contortions like legalese. I’d add that great writing—really spectacular writing—happens when the two streams are not only in balance, but crazily supersaturated because the person writing is a goddamn genius. DFW is so rhetorically deft that you can’t tell if he’s voicing ideas you already had but don’t have the agility to articulate or if he’s actually convincing you of his own ideas so persuasively they feel like your own. You get to feeling like you know him, and it seems you’ve learned something important, though it’s hard to tell if that something is about him, yourself or the world in general. All of this in a book review.

A shorter version of this essay was published in Harper’s under the title “Tense Present: Democracy, English And Wars Over Usage,” but it’s worth getting the collection Consider The Lobster for the full thing, especially since many of the finest moments come in footnotes or toward the ends of winding paths that the magazine editors clipped short. Plus, the book has eight other essays, at least six of which are similarly wonderful. His coverage of the porn industry’s annual awards convention also manages to reveal a lot of universal truths and had me actually chortling in public places, too.

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    The end had me cracking up at first then I realized, I really like organization and order because of neurotic behaviors and deep rooted emotional self baggage. You’re way too collected for me, we’re definitely not a good match… I’m sorry I have to break the news to you this way. Don’t be too heart broken over this unfortunate ending to our accidental imaginary fling where I write and you ignore me. It was way too good to be true, I love when a man ignores me, it gives me purpose. I require a disorganized messy guy who I can control and play psychological mind fucking games with to feed my narcissistic supply and demand needs. I also then like to be controlled and spanked and taught whose in charge. You’re too perfect for that and way too together for this to work out in the long term. It would just be a lot of really hot passionate animalistic manic sex ending in neurotic bed making, pillow mints and clean folded laundry, leading absolutely no where but cycles and years of unhealthy behaviors. I’m sorry I have to move on, at least this comes out early enough in the relationship so we can avoid it all. Don’t forget to water the plants. Love always.

  2. anonyneemus recovery
    Posted June 28, 2010 at 2:17 am | Permalink

    By the way, (and this is the only way I know how to write you so yeah another message). I ran into your bushwhacker letter a while ago, it’s kinda funny but at the same time (back then) I was writing very similar stuff to what you were posting online. Searching you (OCD)….I ran into your letter, we have a lot of common political viewpoints and it’s funny to reference the letter you wrote against the letter I wrote online and they were posted around the same time frame.

    Unfortunately, I wasn’t in the position to be doing so at the time nor disclosing the information that I was. I ended up with a bit of that PTSD and went in a downward medication spiral after various events (personal issues, the war, katrina, etc.) and caring far too much. The Kerry campaign back then was a smear (winter soldiers)/the swift boat vets campaign …but that was just one issue among many. I was very into politics in the past but then I had to let politics go as my mental health went down hill because I can’t get myself too worked up/stressed out these days and politics is one of my deep passions. Not that I’d want to be involved in politics per say, but I pay attention to everything. Reading your letter and looking at mine, it’s kind of friggen comical how similar our political view points were between the two letters as well as concerned issues. There are numerous reasons I got ocd about you and none of it has to do with you being a musician although you have an awesome voice that wasn’t why. I joke a lot and whatever but I can’t remember getting OCD about a guy ever, like things and stuff and ideas I do, mostly ideas ..but not people. I dunno exactly how I ended up running into you online but I basically saw extreme similarities and the more I watched your vids, etc. the more I was like there are a lot of odd parallels but it was hard to put into words. When I wrote my letter I was more involved in researching the base termination and closure list -how Bush was handling that situation, how he was handling veterans issues basically giving them the middle finger while taking away benefits, the FOIA (freedom of information act) issues, issues related to humanitarian aid and relief operations during hurricane katrina, nuclear power plant environmental issues, different things. When I saw you were speaking in congress about net neutrality I thought that was awesome. One of my other big things is anti-censorship, I’ve seen it all with the legislation over the years, telecommunications issues, etc. I had full scholarship for journalism and have strong beliefs in some basic foundations for media/censorship/freedom of information/freedom of speech issues/etc, I don’t write anymore personally and I stay away from specific things but it’s always cool to see someone with passion grabbing the bull by the horns. There were a ton of reasons I ended up OCD’ing about you but it’s mostly because of parallel stuff I noticed. I used to care a lot, prob. too much, and now I don’t have it in me. You are in a good position to make an impact and you have the sense to see how something can have disastrous effects in the long run and have enough passion to speak up on important issues. Don’t lose that and keep yourself in that position and you will go far. peace out

  3. anonyneemus recovery
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    oh and delete all my comments after u’ve read them …will ya? thx

  4. anonyneemus recovery
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    Oh & not that Kerry wasn’t a flip flopper but despite that it was still a smear campaign. I wasn’t a huge fan of his but also I’m not a huge fan of lies and truth distortions either. As for Katrina, I was extremely upset that it took 7 days to get into the area with supplies specifically because I worked in Special Ops Humanitarian Aid and Relief Operations at the time. A lot of the political views you were posting about, I was posting the same things close parallel around the same time frame. Ok now I shut up. peace out

  5. anonyneemus recovery
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    It’s actually quite hilarious reading the two. We’re so parallel, it’s not even funny.

    “It’s your job to give a shit and make your opinion heard. The more informed you are, the better, but at the very least have the guts to tell people that we need a new President.”

    Ike Ono Klast You tell me if it’s current…
    Category: News & Opinion (General) Topic: News & Current Events
    Synopsis: Air Force cargo specialist describes what COULD have been done, but was not.
    Source: Military forum
    Published: September 3, 2005
    For Education and Discussion Only. Not for Commercial Use.
    Category: News & Opinion (General) Topic: News & Current Events
    Synopsis: Air Force cargo specialist describes what COULD have been done, but was not.

    “I would like to get some information across to the American public that has not been covered by the media thus far. I am in great distress at this point watching the events over the past few days and how they have been handled by our leadership. I have no more loyalty to this administration and I would like to share the knowledge that I have, as I believe it is the right of the American public to know the truth.”

  6. anonyneemus recovery
    Posted June 28, 2010 at 3:32 am | Permalink

    and at this point i don’t even like you much anymore……. wayyyyy too much OCD for me,… . but anyhow…don’t lose your passion …. & delete my friggen messages…… i dunno if you even read your comments but if you do please go back and use the Delete button. thanks for the blurbages.

  7. Posted June 28, 2010 at 5:23 pm | Permalink

    “make your opinion heard” and make sure you get yourself into deep shit while you’re at it… 🙂

    “I am outraged, and I can tell you numerous ways in which our leadership have failed and not used all of the resources available to us that the American tax payer has paid for, while we simulate such relief efforts everyday. We simulate these drops, meaning we are wasting tax payer money when we do not utilize the resources we have available to us in a crisis such as this on our own soil.

    The National Guard did not have all of the resources available in such short notice to have been ordered to work alone in these efforts. Active Duty has many more members working in these specific career fields that could have stepped into the relief efforts to resolve problems such as loss of communications and delivery of supplies if the Commander in Chief gave the word to Active Duty to step in immediately.

    I am outraged and I will explain various ways in which we fix simple problems such as communication loss and the need to get supplies on the ground quickly and efficiently. I say simple, because the problems presented in this crisis had more then simple solutions to save thousands of lives. Our President failed to give the Active Duty troops across America the “word” to step in, so while these resources stayed unused not but a few flight hours away, we have watched as America people have perished in front of our own eyes.

    The resources that remained unused included not only equipment, supplies, but also trained and qualified professionals to deal with such situations. We left helicopters sitting unused in hangers not but a few hours away, we left men who were fully trained and qualified to deliver supplies and survival equipment by air within minutes, sitting on bases across the United States waiting for the “word” and order by our President for them to take action. We left not only helicopters unused, but parachutes, equipment, supplies, and all the resources that we needed for full humanitarian aid and relief. We also failed to utilize the full resources of trained Pararescue professionals.

    We have Special Operations units that could have handled this situation quickly and efficiently immediately, saving thousands of lives. Yet they were never given the word to go until 7 days too late.

    I would like to point out that we have an entire career field dedicated to Air Delivery methods alone in the United States Air Force, yet the career field of tax paid professionals was never utilized in this time of disaster. We also have a career field within the Army Active Duty military, dedicated to such problems of communication loss as well.

    I have watched all of our resources go unused, and now I need an answer as to why. I can and will point out some very simple solutions to the problems that arose over the last few days, that were never used and our resources sat there wasted while we watched this disaster unfold.

    The Air Force Aerial Delivery career field and the Army Psychological Operations units were never utilized in this great time of need. The Army Psychological Operations unit’s could have quickly fixed the communication problem within the first day to get people much needed information. This would have prevented much of the looting and cut down on much of the chaos all together, getting the information spread on the ground to the citizens who so desperately needed to know of the worsening conditions.

    The lack of communication is the number one problem that caused mass panic and chaos. This problem could have been solved quickly and efficiently from the beginning. The Air Force Aerial Delivery Career field could have utilized all of the resources they have waiting for situations such as this and are fully qualified to make use of in a moments notice.

    All I have heard are excuses. “No communications”, “No way to get survival supplies (water, food) where needed”, Helicopters shot at, thus giving reason for why we were seeing little, if no rescue & relief efforts from the start by our Federal Government. Watching and waiting for all of the normal everyday Active Duty Military full operational capabilities to kick into effect, waiting for the President to act, I’ve waited and watched in vein.

    Active Duty was not called upon by the President of the United States, and without the order to move, nothing could be done by these trained professionals. So they sat at bases across America instead of being called in quickly for relief efforts.

    The excuse that we couldn’t get helicopters close enough to bring supplies is a horrible one at that. When we could have easily dropped bundles and pallet loads of bottled water and necessities via low altitude Aerial Delivery airdrops from C-130’s and other military aircraft.

    To make it simple, water and supplies are loaded onto a pallet. This pallet has a large parachute attached to it, Air Force pilots have been fully trained to hit a desired target when this cargo pallet is deployed from the back of the aircraft ramp via delivery systems. When dropped, the parachute deploys in the air, causing the pallet to deploy to a precise desired target based on wind speed clearance other factors involved. These pallets could have easily been dropped down range of the masses of people who needed these supplies, and the National Guard ground troops could have distributed these supplies accordingly.

    The Army’s Psychological Operations career field has expertise in problems such as the loss of ground communications. In war time, Psyop’s
    will cut off all enemy communications in a war zone only to then use our own methods of spreading information to prevent unnecessary civilian casualty. This spread of basic necessary information would have cut down on the complete chaos that arose from people who reverted to basic human and survival instincts. This was not a fucking warzone, this was a disaster area, and I watched it portrayed as a warzone coverage by our media. With this presentation as such a warzone, due to the horrific events unfolding, Federal government has failed to execute all means and resources we have available to not only save lives but to stop this event from growing more chaotic.

    I watched the excuses of lack of communications and lack of an “effective way” to get water to people, when truth be told we have Active Duty military persons who are fully trained and qualified in this relief. That manpower and those resources remained unused yet by the minute, more and more excuses were made for our lack of effort in saving human beings. I believe the media needed to find reason as to why we had yet to see any action by our federal government. The blame is on our leadership and this administration’s failure and bad decision making, or lack of decision therefore.”

    blah blah blah…. I figured out the real reason WHY later after some research and it had zero to do with anything except a corporation trying to cover up an environmental issue (Pres. was buying time for a few days). I try not to get involved in issues anymore and usually if I do it’s in a psychotic state these days and don’t make much sense anymore so nothing really matters to me much now.

  8. Posted June 29, 2010 at 3:57 am | Permalink

    That’s pretty friggen interesting about sentence structure. It’s been a while, I probably learned that somewhere back in the day, I loved writing and was really a great writer (no longer) now I just merge everything together and don’t use proper structure because I spent soooo many years writing for school papers and writing others terms papers, and writing writing writing and websites and oh god I’ve had enough f’n writing.

    I’ve written some awesome pieces in the past but I can’t say I ever really took a look at sentence structure in relation to absorbing personal data about someone through their writing style. I mean, reading a straight forward written personal opinion I get, but the actual structure of a sentence and looking at it in two different parts, that’s a good way to figure someone out. I know you went to school for something related to word meanings and I was wondering basically what that is exactly, seems interesting, but I don’t really know much about any of that. I’ve never really considered peoples sentence structure as giving raw data and then tid bits of raw personal data about that person and information about them. . I did a lot of news style writing with less opinion back in the day, that’s how news writing was supposed to be facts-not opinions …(unfortunately these days “news” has iturned into all opinions) anyways…now I’m all blah blah blah whatever ….but that’s interesting to consider, it’s been a while since I looked at sentence structures nor really put much thought into writing at all.

    “Every sentence balances at lease two different communicative functions—one the transmission of raw info, the other the transmission of certain stuff about the speaker”.

    I def. supersaturate when I’m manic and run on with any old thought that pops into my brain, but I never really considered how much you can actually learn about a person through their writing structure. Interesting, thanks for sharing.

    Can you delete my comments soon? Also I only keep coming back to the site to see if you deleted my comments, only to end up commenting again.

  9. Posted June 29, 2010 at 4:17 am | Permalink

    One of the first things I noticed about you was your speech/communication skills. Your cocky and witty but you don’t have a rude wit about you, your sense of humor is interesting. Usually someone who can communication very well can do some serious writing too. You also say shitload and fucking as much as I do just to let ya know.

  10. Posted June 29, 2010 at 4:24 am | Permalink

    What I mean by that too is your sarcasm as well, some people are sarcastic and their sarcasm is intended to hurt the other person, speaking basically like a rude sarcastic joke towards someone actually comes off really bad in my eyes, I actually do not like sarcasm that much, I usually don’t like overly sarcastic people, and when I’m sarcastic I usually make more inner sarcastic then outer sarcastic remarks (like a hit to myself before someone else), jokingly being rude to someone else through sarcasm I don’t like and I don’t like sarcastic cocky people which I see a lot. Aka rude egotistical remarks through sarcasm. Your sarcasm is a bit different as well as your wit, you’re humorous but you’re not mean spirited, you do get a little attitude at times which I think is funny when you get snippy but it’s usually when someone says something overly stupid and you correct them.

    Lol so do you want me to write your biography cause I have no problem with publication, we can do this.

  11. Posted June 29, 2010 at 7:03 am | Permalink

    “is no problem, and you are a funny thing”. ♥ final goodbye, im not writing anymore

    please delete my OCD ramblings mr. semantics major- i have the worst luck ever..

  12. Posted June 30, 2010 at 2:38 am | Permalink

    You don’t train everyday for humanitarian aid and relief efforts and then watch for seven days while people perish because of simple non-action by the Commander in Chief, knowing damn well what could have been done differently. 2000 people died. That kinda shit makes you go insane over enough time and basically people are too fast to forget, the crock of shit with Haiti too, people forget far too easily until the next disaster occurs and it’s in their backyard and then they wanna bitch and complain but don’t pay attention to facts and history nor fully look at the facts and preventions in order to prevent the same shit from happening in the future. And it will.

    I wrote that during the initial days of the events and that above is repetitive and not a full copy because I posted far too much information to get myself in deep shit, truth be told, no one wants to know the real reason for the delay in the orders to act by the Pres. at the time, because the hard truth is not pretty. No one really pays much attention to spent fuel storage pools and emergency flooding declarations from nuclear power plants much. That’s one reason I have PTSD among various other reasons. Maybe people will take notice to that in years to come and care when their health is more affected because of something severely important they never paid attention to.

    Down the line, just about every point I was trying to make during the initial days was correct and verified later: If only people would listen at the time of events, or maybe pay more attention to history.

    “From Jake at Lying Media Bastards, it turns out one of the most damaging rumors during Katrina–that rescue helicopters were being shot at, which caused rescue missions to halt temporarily–was not true. And it should be considered a national disgrace that this sort of rumor-mongering actually slowed down federal rescue operations.”

    Like Wallace, people who absorb too much data usually are the first to go down the drain mentally. You can also tell a lot about brain function in scrambled words but also that does make for good lyrics, writing, etc.
    Like the last straw that broke the camels back, that’s pretty much what I’m trying to fucking say.

    It is great that people care about issues and talk about them and go march around about them, that’s all dandy, however, people don’t seem to ever pay attention to the most important facts, history, the most in your face blatantly obvious shit sometimes.

  13. Posted June 30, 2010 at 2:44 am | Permalink

    Knowing what I knew, I needed an answer as to why basically, the Pres. was buying time, it was a corporation disaster issue going on and they weren’t too sure how safe it was to send in more troops, rumors were probably intentional to buy more time. I’ll hold back on the corporations name, cause I really don’t give much of a shit anymore, I did however save the emergency log declaration files that were quickly ripped down, but who really cares, when you try to spread important news through the media it’s almost impossible. The media is highly controlled and it will always be that way. The Net Neutrality issue you care about, runs right parallel of the same issues I’m concerned with.

  14. Posted June 30, 2010 at 2:50 am | Permalink

    they don’t let morons into elite special ops units but unfortunately I’m not a F’n sheep, after enough events and having a brain that absorbs way too much data/facts and compartmentalizes it all for later usage, i had my share of enough bullshit to last a lifetime. it’s all bullshit.

  15. Posted June 30, 2010 at 3:19 am | Permalink

    People are all what’s net neutrality??? hmmmm the right for your stupid ass to be allowed access to information and the right of that information to not to be controlled by a bunch of pricks that could manipulate and distort the data any which fucking way they felt like it. corporations/government whoever, that’s a door that doesn’t need to be opened but yet again another legislation push to take away freedoms. the net. neut. issue runs along lines with legislation from a few years back about web porn, despite a persons stance on porn no one realizes how it was just a power grab at information freedom (earmarks)…..opinions about porn who really gives a shit….. …giving someone the power to tell you what you can and cannot see on the internet is giving far too much power (with regard to most everything but a few specific very illegal things that everyone can agree on- there is still a line but who decides the line), people that were running porn sites were basically fighting legislation that could have given corporations/government the right to say you don’t have the right to watch this sort of porn or that sort of porn- you give someone an inch like that, they will take a fucking mile- which could move into gov/corps. being able to say you shouldn’t be allowed to read adult literature, where does the line then stop? giving an inch is far too much. You don’t let power grabbers try to take away your freedoms nor tell you what you can and shouldn’t be allowed access to. That’s taking a few steps back for progression, I don’t care what anyone’s stance on porn is, it comes down to the fact that a few years ago legislation went into effect that basically was saying that the government could bust down a webmasters door and demand private information about someone that happened to log onto a pornsite. In some cases, it’s understandable, but giving that much slack, I’d hope to hell the people running sites with private data would go to bat to protect private data from being able to be confiscated by fighting the legislation. search and seizure cause joe smo wants to look at tits and giving a corp/gov access to know all the specific information about joe smo just by the FBI stepping foot on someones doorstep demanding it. It’s like book burning, don’t allow slack. people hardly notice the things that are most important to their freedoms, seriously. freedom of information is not free, and the internet is one of the most threatening things to a government, the spread of information/communications, corporations are one thing and they also def. want a power grab to control data.

    the freedom of information act same thing but far more complicated and far more spanning, something no one even seemed to notice was that the first day Obama stepped into office- he lifted the FOIA, which granted millions of veterans the rights to access *their own* documents from the government. No one even noticed how important that move was nor that it was the very first thing he did as soon as he stepped in. People are oblivious and history can repeat itself very easily. He probably made that move on the first day in office for the simple fact that people would hardly notice and that was good. He opened up serious freedom of information to people against gov/corps. for them to basically be granted the right to their own information, documents that have been covered up for years, and no one even fucking noticed it.

    OCD much………..

  16. Posted June 30, 2010 at 3:20 am | Permalink

    like i’d be really pissed off if I couldn’t OCD all up on Kulash’s posts…that’s the power of information right there.

  17. Posted June 30, 2010 at 3:54 am | Permalink

    I like that Wallace thing, never heard of him, read the wiki & can relate. Above avg. intelligence leads to nothing good.

  18. Posted June 30, 2010 at 1:09 pm | Permalink

    “It is no longer the 1980s, and the Meese Commission mentality that led to a major crackdown on video porn is long gone. Federal task forces and PTA outrage are now focused on the Internet and kiddie porn. But today’s adult industry is still hypersensitive about what it perceives as fascist attacks on its First Amendment freedoms. A specially prepared trailer now runs before many higher-end adult videos, right between the legal disclaimer on the product’s compliance with or exemption from 18 U.S.C §2257 and ads for phone services like 900-666-FUCK. Against shots of flowing flags and the Lincoln Memorial, a voiceover says stuff like:

    Censorship goes against our Bill of Rights and the founding principles of this country. It is an attempt on the part of the government to legislate morality and to stifle free expression.15 This new, “legal” morality is dangerous to all Americans. Vote for those who believe in limiting government intrusion into your personal affairs. Vote against government control of your life and home. Vote against censorship. Only you, the People, can keep the American ideal intact.”

    Do you know that with the 2257 laws it requires webmasters to keep full records on performers, including but not limited to copies of drivers licenses, signed auth. forms, and the 2257 basically early on allowed for the FBI to bust down any webmasters door to demand records on who visits what porn, if people didn’t fight it joe smo looks at tits and ass and the government wants his info, they have a right to search and seize webmasters computers, 2257 files, etc. aka giving the government full access to not only the performers but also the clients personal data, credit card info, etc. etc. etc. a full database can be created with shit like that, who likes what kinda porn, used against people later, say joe smo is a politician and later it comes out that he was watching this or that….etc. the amount of shit involved with the early 2257 legislation was very dangerous to peoples personal lives in general. not only that, there are enough government agencies out there collecting mass data on people and not just companies selling data but the gov has far too much personal info. on everyone’s personal business (one specific i wont mention here is getting way out of control collecting data on everyone, their families, who lives in their house, etc. and they are a huge gov organization collecting so much personal data and everyone’s just giving it to them freely)…. basically it’s the gov. peeping in peoples windows as far as im concerned, and if the FBI wants info on someone all they have to do is walk in, confiscate files/computers/etc. and the 2257 made it requirement to collect every bit of data so that the FBI could do just that. it was made up basically that it was a protection against child pornography but in actuality it had very little to do with that and more about requiring full disclosure of anyone involved in porn and their personal records, drivers licenses, etc. etc. and not limited to those viewing the images, their personal data, credit card info, etc. etc. also laws involving bdsm and stating that it was illegal to portray this act or that act and if people don’t fight that kind of stuff, and give even a little bit of slack, like i said you give an inch and a mile of freedoms are lost.

    despite how i feel about porn… it is degradation in some ways but it’s a choice– i’ve got mixed feelings on that whatever, it’s not my friggen place to say who can look at what, who can do what, etc. besides child porn which i think everyone agrees on. what Wallace says about suicides in the industry and such, that is very true, a girl friend of mine just killed herself a few weeks ago. the industry is a mixture of sadness and also comical at times, human nature, politics, the whole shabang mixed up into a slew of issues. but when it comes to freedoms on the internet, like i said, you don’t fight the bullshit to take away freedoms then you’re basically giving up your own freedoms. agree with/like what you’re seeing or not, freedom of information isn’t free and the net is the biggest threat there is.

    net. neut. just runs parallel with the rest of it. nothing is shocking but also you start taking away freedoms to say this or that, adult stuff, then goes adult literature, then goes access to more information…etc. history always repeats itself, people don’t want to believe that.. but things change rapidly before they even know it’s happening. war is also the fastest way to have communication breakdown, you don’t give away the freedoms you have without fighting them nor be fucking oblivious when they are being taken away.

  19. Posted June 30, 2010 at 1:19 pm | Permalink

    P.S. sorry about the obsessive crying incident at the Hotel in Tampa when you checked in….you checked in 5 minutes after ME, so you were stalking me, not the other way around…. I’ve been a little OCD lately if you didn’t notice. & yeah I got all emotional when you showed up at the hotel I was at. 😛

    now delete my fucking messages asshole

  20. ?
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    Fuck it, I’ll say it now for the first time since I realized a few short days after Hurricane Katrina.

    Waterford III plant, I saved the emergency declaration docs right after I wrote the above letter, the docs were shortly ripped off their website. I knew then there was a reason for the delay and there was. It’s all bullshit. Everywhere you go, it’s bullshit.
    “Sources of nuclear radiation, including the Waterford III nuclear power plant, have been secured, McDaniel said, and the state is working with the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) to restart the power plant 20 miles west of New Orleans.”

  21. ?
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    mentally ill people: go hard go fast or go home
    It’s unfortunate what happened to Wallace there but from his writing it’s clear he was a genius. BP/manic depression/etc. that kinda stuff, high intel. levels, it usually leads to nothing good. Some shit I’d rather not think about these days, thus I stay away from politics nor caring.

  22. ?
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    That’s the kinda shit why the documentary you guys were working on is important.

  23. ?
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    Never heard about that shit in the news did ya. It will never be told about the severely damaging environmental hazards that took place nor will emphasis every be brought upon it until years from now.

  24. ?
    Posted July 2, 2010 at 7:05 am | Permalink

    2000 people perished, to save a corporations ass.

  25. ?
    Posted July 2, 2010 at 8:03 am | Permalink

    Much more dangerous and insidious threat, when you can’t push info through the media at the time that it is most valuable and impending. The media has always been and always will be controlled and like I said the net is the biggest threat there is to freedom.

  26. Posted July 3, 2010 at 4:06 am | Permalink

    Blue light def. cannot cure insanity. But wishful thinking there.