Grandaddy Clause: Skateboard Parks

jasonlogoeAfter the dissolution of beloved sci-fi pop outfit Grandaddy in 2006, frontman Jason Lytle left behind California’s blue suburban skies for the peace, quiet and sobriety of Montana. This week, Lytle re-emerges with news of a solo debut and a part-time seasonal job as guest editor for

Read our new Q&A with Lytle about his forthcoming album, Yours Truly, The Commuter (Anti-), here.

skateabovLytle: Skateboard parks are now everywhere, which is wonderful. That wasn’t always the case when I was growing up. A good day at the skate park includes gliding over transitions, popping over hips and doing long, smooth grinds. It’s like a grand journey, a perfect piece of music or an epic Italian meal. Skateboarding has remained a constant for since I was eight years old. It runs through my blood and is responsible for making me the person I am. It’s nice that I still have the ability to flow around, clear my mind and tap into something very familiar. I called my girlfriend last year from a skateboard park in Southern California and told her, “There’s about 15 guys here and guess who the youngest one is? Me!”

For an in-depth piece on Lytle circa the end of Grandaddy, read our 2006 cover story here.

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