Grandaddy Clause: Toyota

jasonlogoeAfter the dissolution of beloved sci-fi pop outfit Grandaddy in 2006, frontman Jason Lytle left behind California’s blue suburban skies for the peace, quiet and sobriety of Montana. This week, Lytle re-emerges with news of a solo debut and a part-time seasonal job as guest editor for

Read our new Q&A with Lytle about his forthcoming album, Yours Truly, The Commuter (Anti-), here.

toyota520Lytle: I probably owned five to 10 crappy, beater cars before I made my first chunk of money and was finally able to buy the first car I was really excited about. And that happened to be a ’93 Toyota pickup. I’ve driven nothing but Toyotas since. They make really efficient vehicles, the ergonomics are really smart, and I like the way they pretty much gave the people what they wanted.

MAGNET would like to add that, no, Toyota did not license Grandaddy’s music for a commercial. That was Honda:

YouTube Preview Image

For an in-depth piece on Lytle circa the end of Grandaddy, read our 2006 cover story here.

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