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Mobius Band: Friendly Fire

It’s difficult to imagine Mobius Band’s primary songwriters—multi-instrumentalists/vocalists Peter Sax and Ben Sterling—ever being pissed off about anything. At least not to the point where they’d punch someone or run out of a room screaming; that’d just be weird coming from two soft-spoken, small-town Massachusetts boys. The last couple years, however, have seriously tested their […]

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WARM IN THE WAKE: American Prehistoric [Live Wire]

Despite the presence of searing hot stars, violent meteoric collisions and assorted NASA jetsam, outer space is primarily composed of a whole bunch of nothing. Not much happens. When it does, though, the action is breathtaking. By describing itself as “cosmic,” Warm In The Wake is being far more literal than it probably realizes. Much […]

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Animal Collective: The Theory Of Evolution

The members of Animal Collective have always been a mischievous, shape-shifting medium for primal psychedelic pop and weird-science sonics. Can they survive growing up, playing straight and turning pro? By Stuart Berman When you talk to Animal Collective, certain words keep coming up: “natural,” “energy,” “feel” and the band’s preferred term of endearment, “dude.” The words […]

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EARLIMART: Mentor Tormentor [Majordomo]

Long saddled with expectations of becoming L.A.’s next big export, Aaron Espinoza and Co. have earned plenty of acclaim, most notably with 2004’s lush, Elliott Smith-dedicated Treble & Tremble. But so far, Earlimart hasn’t lived up to its considerable promise or delivered an album filled end-to-end with great songs instead of five terrific tracks and […]

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MEKONS: Natural [Quarterstick]

After 30 years, the Mekons really are the last gang in town. Although only Jon Langford and Tom Greenhalgh remain from the lineup that recorded debut single “Never Been In A Riot” in 1977, most of the current Mekons have been together since the proto-alt-country revelations of 1985’s Fear & Whiskey. Every few years, they […]

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THE NEW PORNOGRAPHERS: Challengers [Matador]

For the New Pornographers, 2005’s Twin Cinema marked a period of significant transition. Not only were the band’s hyper-pop blitzes tempered with more sobering balladry and expansive, prog-informed set pieces, but the promotion of touring keyboardist Kathryn Calder to co-vocalist suggested that ringleader Carl Newman was no longer willing to work around the ever-busy schedule […]

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Shout Out Louds: Everyday Art

Anyone hiring Adam Olenius for his graphic-design skills has certainly picked the right man for the job. “If I do something, I have to do it 100 percent, and when I put my mind to design, I want to do it really well,” says the Stockholm-based art-school graduate, who’s conceived splashy prints for nightclubs, art […]

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Emma Pollock Makes MAGNET A Mix Tape

As a founding member of the Delgados, singer/guitarist Emma Pollock used her soaring voice and intricate songwriting to place the Glasgow band beside Belle And Sebastian at the forefront of Scottish pop. Through their Chemikal Under-ground label, the Delgados launched Mogwai, Arab Strap and Bis. On solo debut Watch The Fireworks (4AD), Pollock’s sincere, searching […]

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The Mendoza Line: The Break-Up

A romantic split marks the end of the Mendoza Line, whose bookish folk rock and bittersweet pop was the sound of a band made to be heartbroken. By Phil Sheridan What Socrates failed to mention when he pronounced the unexamined life as not worth living is that the alternative is no day at the Acropolis, […]

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